1. the soft inner part of something, especially the pith of a fruit
  2. (Anatomy) the inner substance of various organs and structures, especially the marrow of bones
  3. (Botany) the internal tissue of a plant

7 letters in word "medulla": A D E L L M U.

No anagrams for medulla found in this word list.

Words found within medulla:

ad ae al ale all allude alme almud almude aludel alum am amu auld da dae dal dale dalle dam dame de deal del dell dual due duel dule dull duma ea eau ed el eld ell elm em emu la lad lade ladle lam lame lamed laud lea lead leal leam led ledum leu leud lud lude lum ma mad made mae mal male mall malled maud maul mauled me mead meal med medal mel mela meld mell meu mu mud mule muled mull mulla mulled udal ule ulema um